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Welcome to Art Waiter.

Why not grab a space in our growing community and your own website just like THIS page where you can store, share, promote and sell your art.

The community forum is free.

Your own web-space/e-store is just $10/month.

Come get it…


Let's Get You Started

Free Forum Membership

  • Access to the community forum
  • Join in on the latest AI Art news.
  • Create your own topics.
  • Learn the latest trends.
  • Get help with promoting your art.

Premium Membership

  • Promote your own website.
  • Store & sell your art in your shop and see it promoted on the home page of Art Waiter.
  • Link it to your instagram feed.
  • More than 10 pre-made blog templates.
  • Access to the community forum.
  • Create your own topics.
  • Learn the latest trends.
  • Get help with promoting your art.
  • Your own social network.
  • Make new friends, start new groups.
  • Share your art and news.
  • Chat about whatever you like.

Upcoming features:

  • Jobs-boards: View and respond to requests for commissioned artwork.
  • Print-on-Demand: connect your website to your POD shop.
  • Two-Way connection to your ETSY account.
  • Add your latest podcast.
  • Sell your knowledge via your own online courses.
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How it all works

When you’ve finished creating some artwork (whether you upscale to a certain size for printing or touch it up a little in Photoshop), you’ll need somewhere to store, promote and sell it.

That’s where your website comes in! And every time you add something to your store to promote and sell, that image gets uploaded to the relevant category on the main Art Waiter page where visitors can search for the style of art they’re looking for and be directed to YOUR site!

We don’t take a commission, we don’t take credit…we just promote your art for you to sell.

And of course, we’d LOVE you to share your prompts, your ideas and your inspirations on our Community Forum. And if you need help, there’ll be plenty available.

How do visitors order?

1. View the galleries
We’ll have an extensive array of galleries featuring artists just like you from every corner of the globe. Visitors can search by category and find YOUR art!

2. Found it!
Once the visitor has found a piece (or pieces) they like, they simply click on the image and it will take them to the originating website. Once there, they can place an order.

3. Check out
It’s time for your visitor to buy your art securely using PayPal or Credit Card. Both options are protected using the highest encryption for your peace of mind.

4. Get paid
Once your visitor has made a purchase, a new page will pop open with the download link(s). A copy of this will also be delivered to them via email. Payment will go into your PayPal account within a few seconds and you can draw on it instantly.

We set you up with a website just like this one (click here). It’s all set up for you with an e-commerce store, instagram sharing, a blog area and a contact form. You can also store and edit your images with a built-in editor.

We own the site but it’s yours to do with as you please although we’ve limited access to some of the tech-geek things so you can’t break things easily. Have a look in the “Do I need to code” section for a little more info on this.

Can you pack up your website and leave to host it elsewhere? No…your site is tied in with the main site in order to promote your art.

Nope. Whilst running a website usually requires at least a very basic understanding of how they work and a bit of tech-brain, we take most of that away. When you’re logged in, you can edit the text and images on your page in what’s called a WYSIWYG….’What you see is what you get’. Similar to how you’d change things on a Word document or email.

Your e-commerce store will need to be connected to your PayPal account and you’ll need to add your art into the store in order to sell it, but it’s not hard and we have tutorials on how to do it all.

It’s all yours! We have created an easy-use option so you can create products, change prices, give them descriptions, etc all without leaving your HOME page. Is there a learning curve? Sure…but it’s quite a shallow one. Naturally, you’ll need to set yourself up with a PayPal account so you can get paid. Once you’ve done that, there are some personal account credentials you’ll need to plug into your site but we make that pretty straightforward too (see our Support Page that has plenty of ‘How To’ instructions as well as an AI assistant to help you with everything you need).

Of course you’ll want to have your say about things so we’ve set up a blog area right in the middle of your website with ten magazine-style templates and more on the way. Visitors can read your latest thoughts and share them on their socials. And it’s all REALLY easy!

Our forum is a great place to keep up with the latest trends, get some amazing tips on how to get the best out your prompts, answer the tech problems you may encounter with midjourney and the like and, well…talk about anything you like! And whilst anyone can sign up to our community forum, if you have a website with us, you’ll get access to our exclusive areas.

Nope. It’s $10/month (a little more if you want more storage space) and for that you get your website where you can store, edit and market your images, videos or merch, have your own blog, share your art on Instagram or Facebook and get involved with our forums. And unlike most other image vendors, we DON’T take a cut of your profits…it’s your work and your money!

Whilst we’ve made it as easy as possible and have support pages, it’s called ‘Human Error’ because humans are involved so things may go wrong at times. There are a few things you can do in such instances:

  1. Simply roll back to a previous version from a few minutes ago (kind of like a ‘rewind’ button).
  2. Ask for help. Our Support Page with AI help and Community Forum is there to assist.
  3. Bin it all and start over. If you’ve REALLY made a mess of things or hate how you’ve changed things, maybe it’d be easier to save your images and start over with a new site. Hopefully it never comes to that, though!

We have a form with a few details we need from you to set you up. Your name, your email and what you’d like to call your website (so something like Once we have that info and you’re all ready to go, you can pay securely via credit card which is processed by PayPal so you know you’re protected.


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